Turning a new page

Being an author has always been a dream of mine. Bending stories to my desires to create fantasies and dream worlds where all my wildest dreams could come true.

These are the things I seek. To be involved in something that doesn’t take part in this world, but another. A dream that never ends. My recent goal has been to search for this dream.

I am writing a novel called “Ashfall” about a post-apocalyptic world after the countries have turned their backs to the people and began their seemingly infinite number of launch sequences, which extend over a period of a millennia.

This story tells of how a select few people lived through the initial bombings and began the next generation of mankind. Fighting mutated beasts and humans alike, which the people call night-dwellers.

This story is a view into the lives of Julia, an up-and-coming Defender who was born to protect the people of the Deep-Underground, and Dene, an outsider looking in who has a special gift, which may prove to be a curse.

“Ashfall” is written in such a way as to follow their journeys from both points of view as well as with a 3rd person point of view, and is meant to bring  you, the reader, inside the novel to experience life in the days of the New Solstice with Julia and Dene, as well as the friends and enemies they meet through their struggles through life.

Feel free to message me, as I would love to talk to my readers, and let me know about what you think. I plan to post the beginning chapters on my page here at https://beatenpatharchives.blog/ for you guys to read and experience yourselves.

Thanks again and check back often for updates and new posts!



EDIT: Here is the file to find the first segment of the book! Check it out here: