Finding our place on this Earth is the ultimate goal of many people, whether they know it or not. Some people find this spot, and others go their whole life looking for it or perhaps believing it is somewhere else. The latter is not how I want to live, however. While some are okay with settling down, I aim to live life to the fullest.

I am a Christian, but I do struggle with the things of this world also. I try not to write things that will push people away as some writers do, but rather write to try to bring people in. I am looking for a community, not a cult. I don’t want to be tagged as a Christian writer, but just a writer. My faith will show where I am called.

My goal is a unified world, free of prejudice and unwarranted judgement. This is my goal, this is my life.

My name is Daniel Moore, and I go through the same struggles through life as everyone else. I grew up in a small city called Lawrenceburg, TN, which is located in such a spot that in order to go anywhere to find something you can’t in town, then you have to drive at least a half-hour away to find a busy city again. This left with little openings for young people looking to be more successful in life, particularly through financial means. This is why I turned to create an online presence. Through my blog, I hope to become a successful man and obtain financial well-being.