Weekly Writing Prompt Challenge

This week, I have developed a writing prompt that is sure to get the blood flowing and has the potential for some major plot twists and room for personal creativity. Behind this prompt, I have embedded some hidden meaning which covers the theory of “out-of-body experiences”. At first, the prompt may not show how the theory collides with the seemingly supernatural theme, but only after hearing how the theme was created will you see how the two connect.

When I first created the idea, it was not the idea itself that came first, but rather an image. The image was one that I have thought a lot about, but never wrote down and expounded upon. This image was of me watching over a sleeping/injured body which is also my own. Through this, I am able to see what is around me and hear what is normally unheard in the dead of night or as a person in slumber from personal harm.

This image then brought forth the idea for the prompt’s theme, which I then altered to fit a storyline that has room to grow and can be carried to any topic of story. The challenge is to write based on the prompt and then submit the post in the comments below. The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Must use the imagery I provided above in some way. (It does not have to be the exact way I presented it.)
  2. Must fall in the category of a short story. (I classify this as between the 1,000-2,000 word mark. This is not school, however, so you will receive no penalty from going over or under the mark.
  3. Needs to be personalized to reflect yourself as the main character in the story. Imagine how you would feel if you were to be able to experience life ahead of time (possibly while you sleep) and then relive that. What would be the long term effects? Would you discuss these things with your close friends/family? Would you try to get rid of it?

You can download the writing prompt here.

I’m excited to see what new perspectives and ideas you bring to the table!

To see other stuff I have posted and things you may have missed, check out my home page! Just follow this link! Also, don’t forget to follow my blog for future writing challenges and prompts and to see any updates on anything I am working on!

Photo courtesy of thedeepsigh on Tumblr. Check out his work here!


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