Fighting a Losing Battle

Being a writer in school isn’t easy. Especially with a part-time job that might as well be a full-time one. But I don’t see it as a losing battle, but as a challenge.

This is my message to you today. No matter how much life seems to get you down, you have to fight back to accomplish anything. In order to do what you love, you must tolerate that which you hate. What I mean by this is that when you are presented with a wall, with no other choices but to either go over it, or turn away, you must go over it to reach the other side, which may be whatever your ultimate goal is in that instance. However, the bigger your goal is, the bigger the wall. No matter the outcome you desire, the wall always seems bigger. The more desirable the end may be, the more obstacles and dangers are placed on that wall to keep you from going over it.

So whether you are on that ground staring at your own personal wall, or you are halfway up looking down thinking about what is on the ground behind you instead of the next obstacle, you must chase the top of the wall because once you are over, you will look back and see that the wall was not as big as you thought, and you have achieved your goal. This is how you climb the ladder of life, constantly improving yourself and your situation.

What is your wall and what are you doing to overcome it? How are you fighting to overcome it and what are the obstacles you have passed and that still lie before you? Take some time to write these things down and at the end, take some time to imagine your life after the wall. Imagine the happiness and contentment you will have, and re I eve the strength to keep climbing.


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