Creative Writing Ideas

Are you a creative writer? Do you see composing and constructing a story based off an idea as a challenge? Are you struggling to find inspiration for a new short-story theme?

If so, I have included a list of original creative writing themes that should get the blood flowing and the creative thoughts pumping.

If you write using one of the topics below, be sure to send them to me! I would love to read your content and let me know if you would like for me to re-post my favorites!

  1. A post-disaster action/romance with two main characters.
  2. Develop a new plot to the Wright Brothers first flight and events prior.
  3. A short story spoken from a new point-of-view not used often.
  4. A normal life that shows the excitement in the little things.
  5. Find a way to make a sports novel filled with action and wonder.
  6. A short-story about the music business (…perhaps behind the scenes of a made-up star/group.)
  7. A new civilization based off of totally different (possibly opposite) morals.
  8. A cyber-threat that you must stop at all costs…


If you are gifted in any form of art, please feel free to take the extra challenge of coming up with an extra piece for your book, which you could also send to me! I always enjoy seeing people’s gifts being put to use and the talent that people have!


(I will not publicize any content unless given permission. Also, if you send any of your personal works to me, they will be considered asĀ your property. I will not share/distribute content unless I have been given permission, as stated prior.)


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