Installing Minecraft Forge – Windows

Forge is a wonderful JAVA plugin for the popular game Minecraft. This game allows the player to create, destroy, and survive through a series of game modes and seemingly infinite worlds.

Today, there are millions of players who enjoy this game and so many of them find that they are lacking in the field of manipulating the world in a timely manner for a variety of reasons, such as in a server where you are trying to build something accurately and efficiently.

This is the ultimate downer of Minecraft. People just spend way too long trying to figure out how to enjoy the game without spending many tedious hours placing blocks one by one to create anything.

This is where Forge comes in handy. Forge creates a way for users to download mods which allow one to customize their Minecraft experience. From commands that change sections of the world around them and change a desert to a snowy mountain paradise, to mods that allow you to create structures with the touch of a button.

What is keeping many players from accessing these features? It is a simple matter of being able to download the right files in the right location on their computer. People worry that they will mess up and they do not have many descriptive instructions when they do decide to try it. These reason are why people steer clear…

Setting Up JAVA

  1. Then enters me (or more specifically this post). I will attempt to instruct you step by step with as much detail as I can on how to do this properly and have you set up in no time!

The first thing you will want to do is download the latest version of JAVA, which will run Forge. This section will show you how.

  1. You can find the latest installer here. This will lead you to the page that shows the big red button in the center of the page. 2017-09-13 (1)This image shows where the button should appear on your screen. It will say “Free Java Download”. Click the link and it should start to download the installer. It should pop up in second asking you to “Run” or “Save” the file. Click “Save” and then let it finish the process.(For Microsoft Edge users: after clicking the link, it will take you to a screen that looks the same but has a bit of information above the button. That is to be expected and just hit the button once more. It should automatically begin downloading the file.)


  2. After the download is complete, you must then install JAVA. Go to the download folder and find the installer and run it. It will take a minute to load, but it will finish shortly.
    2017-09-13 (2)
    Installer location and appearance in folder “Downloads”
    (During the installation, it will likely ask if you want to allow this app to make changes to your computer. Click “yes” and continue. This will allow the installation to continue.)


  3. After the installation is complete, it should send you to another web page to verify that you have the latest version of JAVA. This is optional and it will lead you through the steps. It doesn’t change anything, but it is good to verify.


Downloading Forge

I will provide the link here to access the Forge installer page. First, decide which version of Minecraft you will be playing on and that will be the version of Forge you will need to download. To change the version on the page, look for the correct version number on the left side and click it. The page will send you to the correct page you need.

2017-09-13 (3)
Forge downloads page
In order to download the latest version, it will automatically pull up the page from the link.

To download the file, click where it says “Installer” under the “Download Latest” box near the top of the page just to the left of center. This will download the correct files you need for Windows

After selecting the version and clicking “Installer”, it will take you to an AdFly page where it will show up and ad in the middle. DO NOT CLICK ON THE AD!!! This will take you elsewhere. Simply wait and there will be a red button on the top right of the screen after 5 seconds. Click that instead…

2017-09-13 (5)2017-09-13 (4)




Those are a few screenshots of what may come up for you. It will likely not look like mine did. However, for the picture on the right, if the pop-up comes up asking you to download JAVA in the middle, hit the red “x” button and it will continue.

After you click the button, hit save and then open the installer. It should automatically run through JAVA if it is installed correctly. If not, go back to top and start over. (I understand this can be tedious. But without understanding the exact problem, this is the safest way to go. Just keep all your downloads in one place and delete them and replace them if it comes to that.)2017-09-13 (6)

(It may also ask you to leave this page after clicking “SKIP”. Select “Leave this page” and it will start.)

Installing Forge

Select the installer to open it and run it. It will find Minecraft and attach itself to it. It will likely have a screen pop-up like so…2017-09-13 (7).png

and all you have to do is select “Install client” and hit “OK”. The installer will do the rest.

Next, you will have to set up Forge through the Minecraft launcher. After clicking to open Minecraft on your desktop, you should see a few options near the top of the screen, such as News and Launch Options. Choose Launch Options and click “Add New”. At the bottom of the list, there should be a new version with the term “forge” somewhere in the title (usually near the front). Select that and run Minecraft with that as the version.

Downloading Mods to Minecraft

Next we will discuss downloading mods to the game. This one involves a quick search, some folder management, and moving a file to the folder. Always do this after downloading Forge.

  1. Find a mod you want to download. For the sake of this tutorial, I will be using WorldEdit. I highly recommend this mod as it allows to actively change everything with ease! You can find the link here.
  2. (After downloading the mod, open your Computer folder from the start menu. You may notice the newly downloaded file will be in a zip file. LEAVE IT AS IS!!! Just treat it as if it were a single item. Do not pass go, do not collect $200)
  3. Be sure to open Minecraft and close it back after it loads the launcher. This will create a few folders from Forge. Select
  4. With folder explorer open on your screen, go to the search bar in the start menu. Copy and paste…


…into the search area. It will come up with a few folders like such…2017-09-14.png

You will then open the folder listed as “.minecraft” (with the dot). Inside that folder, there should be a file named “.mods”. Send the newly downloaded mod file to this folder. Afterwards, feel free to run Minecraft and see if it works. You can always tell if Forge is working properly if the home screen shows the “mods” option.2017-09-14 (1).png


That is the general beginners guide to downloading Forge and mods! If this was helpful, comment saying your thoughts and follow this page. If you want to see more stuff like this, subscribe to get notices of any new posts! Thank you for reading and I hope this was a great help to you! Please share this tutorial with your friends in order to spread the word! Happy mining!


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