A New Adventure

I have started a project with a group of friends on Minecraft and we are planning on opening a server to the public. I will describe our current plans and please let us know what you think. If you play Minecraft, please share with your friends to help get support for the new build! We are all very excited!
The theme for the whole build is “medieval” (basically meaning that it is going to be Skyrim, but in the Minecraft world. The world will be set in “Adventure” mode and will have as many possible quests as we could put in to make it as entertaining and cool as possible! We have started designing and if I get some support then I will post some preview pictures.  
I know it is likely that not many will see this, but the few who do, please share! If you have suggestions or cool ideas you want to contribute, comment! And if you want to see more about this project and the other posts on this page, subscribe!


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