Learning to Do Simple HTML Coding at codecademy.com

As a testament to the material in this post, I have attempted to write this post COMPLETELY in HTML scripting. This is definitely taking me much longer than usual, but only just learning to use HTML from a popular site that specializes in teaching beginner coding known as codecademy has definitely begun to make the site look much better with more dynamics in the content.

codecademy is a popular site with many positive reviews that was constructed for the sole purpose of giving beginners the know-how to start coding and writing basic web-site pages. From personal experience, I am totally on board with what they are doing!

After deciding to chase my desires to learn more about computers and what makes them what they are and changing all of my future plans to revolve around them, I knew I had to learn coding as the first hurdle to overcome. This challenge was met with me struggling to understand even the most basic principles of HTML, the most basic form of web design. With this on the back of mind, I was wondering how I would make it in the computer science industry…

Then came codecademy to the rescue! After just a few hours of going through the exercises, I began to pick up the things I missed with other similar sites around the internet and understand HTML a little more clearly. Now I am posting on my own site by writing full HTML code to show you the difference this site made!

Overall, very pleased with the guys at codecademy and I would highly recommend them to you!

If you are ever wanting to learn to code, check out the programs over at codecademy.com and you will be sure to learn a thing or two in a short amount of time about HTML!


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